New chocolate brand Stewart & Arnold

New chocolate brand Stewart & Arnold

Fantastic news as the Great British Chocolate Brand Stewart & Arnold has been relaunched by Barry-Callebaut.

Stewart & Arnold - the quintessential British chocolate for the discerning British Artisan

Inspired by their vision of great British Chocolate, in 1945 William Stewart (Businessman) and Dr Arnold Spicer (Fellow of Royal Institute of Chemistry) created a Chocolate Factory in the small town of High Wycombe.

Over 70 years later, Stewart & Arnold is now produced in the historic market town of Banbury, bordering the Cotswolds and in the heart of the British countryside.

Their brand new range of chocolates are specifically tailored to preferred British tastes and brings the best of their tradition and expertise to a modern audience.

Beautifully rounded and smooth with distinct flavours, their Chocolates are easy to use and are suitable in many applications.